COVID Policy Page

The COVID pandemic has affected us all for sure. We here at Hammer and Stain are committed to providing safe products and safe processes. We are creating all take home kits in a clean environment wearing masks and gloves.  We then bring them to our studio which has been cleaned and scrubbed. Superfluous items that could harbor virus have been removed.  Kits sit there untouched for at least two days before we schedule pick ups. Only curb side pick is allowed and projects will be placed on a table outside our studio when you text us you have arrived.   

We are doing everything we can to reduce any virus transmission.  We ourselves have been  practicing social distancing since mid March.  We want to keep ourselves and our customers safe and healthy.  These are trying times for small businesses who are trying so hard to stay afloat.  The best way forward for us is to face this head on in the safest way we know.  We appreciate the communities support and hope to stay afloat and continue to offer take home kits in the future.  We thank you for your patience as take home kits will take a bit longer to prepare considering the wait time we are building in as a safety precaution.  Stay Safe and Healthy!   Christie and Debbie - Hammer and Stain North Aurora